Owned and curated by Dani Luecht, a former life and style blogger, All Ye Citizens came to be after she longed to have a collective space in which people could shop all her favorite makers in a real life setting. Read more about her story below! 

A note from Dani...

Thank you for visiting my shop site, I hope to meet you in person one day at the shop! I had dreamed about opening up my own store for years, many ideas had come and gone. The details were always fuzzy but I wrote them all down for the just in case one day I could actually do it. In November 2015, after growing my life and style blog for more than 2 years, I abruptly had the decision it was time to end my blog. I didn't know why, but I knew that it was something I must do and that I needed to focus my time and energy else where. Just one month later, during a Christmas service at church (while singing the second verse of O Come All Ye Faithful to be exact) I got a vision of my future store. It was one of those experiences that you almost can't believe how real and clear it was, but I knew that I had to go home and write it down immediately. All I wrote... All Ye Citizens. And for many days after that, that's all I had written down. I knew that God would reveal more to me when the time would come, thinking it would be years from now that it would actually happen. But as time went on, more and more details and ideas would come to mind and I would write them all down. I started a list of makers I would want in my shop, started a list of what colors I would want to use, started a list of how the space would be laid out. Just for fun mainly, I had no idea God would make this dream come true in a matter of months. While the details were still coming together I decided to partner with Brandy of Clothe + Arrow and Gabi of Furrow Floral Co., two friends that were wanting spaces of their own and who I was always inspired by. From then on, every single door opened wide for us to get our collective space and open up shop in our favorite part of South Oceanside. We still pinch ourselves that we got so lucky! 

My favorite part of opening the shop is watching the local crowd discover and shop new makers they may have never had the opportunity to know about before. It brings me so much joy to see the process of discovery to ownership, knowing I helped play a part in bringing someone else joy. And the fact that I can help support so many talented creatives, I'm just so, so thankful. Know when you shop at All Ye Citizens, you are doing your part to shop small all year long and truly changing lives. 

Thank you again and we can't wait to meet you at the shop!


Matt + Dani Luecht, Weston + Rhyder