How to challenge a friend in Apple Game Center

May 14, 2019

apple game center

Recently Game Center app was removed from Apple. Its social network reduced massively and was placed on third party integration.
People cannot add or remove themselves. Even it moved to settings app, where you can either remove or disabled.

Now it is a tool which developers can use in their games. So, only developers can use it within their game. The ability to challenge others is still there, but there is a limitation.

If you added someone before the launch of IOS 10, you will be able to challenge friends.
Look for the button named Achievement, tap on it. Check the leader-board option for the high score of your friend, and then select challenge.

Nevertheless, it is amazing to be an expert of a game but it is another thing to prove that to your friends. Once cool feature of Game Center is the ability to challenge them and see who get to the high score first.
You can do that on a game like Temple Run 2. So, if that simple one can be done with that, others are not exempted.

How to issue a challenge with the game
If you have access to the leader-board, it is easy to do that. You just need to ensure that you can tab on the right button which was shared above.
Make sure you don’t have a weak score before you do that. Your friends will laugh when they see how little you acquired. So, be prepared before you tell them you want to play against them.

Sometimes it is not so easy to access the leader-board from any game. You can just go to the game center app using your old device.
Nevertheless, know that you don’t need to ask any tech person to jailbreak your device. Don’t follow guides that say it is compulsory to do that.
You should issue challenges to friend that are of the same level with you. Or to people that are a bit higher than you. Why? It will be bad if you come back and say you were defeated due to their experience is higher than yours.

Moreover, there is still a limitation to how and if you will be allowed to do all these.
You should just check on your device to see if the option is still available. If it isn’t, search for other means. Notify me so that I can write about it.

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